Vasco da Gama 83.90 W 13.60 N (Image T204A) A crater with a small central peak, 83 km in diameter.

Rima Cardanus 710 W 110 N (Image T204A)

A linear rille in the northeast of Olbers and Glushko, length about 170 km. It is indistinctive, especially when the bright rays of Glushko happen to sweep over it.

(Image T225)

Cardanus 72.50 W 13.20 N

A sharp-rimmed terraced crater with a small central peak, 49 km in diameter. A skeptical ghost ring just lies outside the northeast rim of Cardanus.

Krafft 72.60 W 16.60 N

A sharp-rimmed terraced crater, 51-km in diameter. It contains a small internal crater Krafft C (13 km). Apparently Krafft and Cardanus look like a twin.

Catena Krafft 72.00 W 15.00 N

A chain of tiny, eroded overlapping craters which connects Cardanus and Krafft. In Image T225, foreshortening of the Moon's limb makes the chain not as distinctive as the flyover view of Lunar Orbiter (NASA 007). Actually, the catena crosses into Krafft's floor and bisects Krafft C, total length 60 km. The width of Catena Krafft is tapered from south to north.

Catena Krafft 200504.22 l&MUT Age 14Jdays. 10-klK+SX+ToLtam, 95% resized.

Capuanus, Ramsden, Marth, Bullialdus, Kies, Opelt

This map covers the west zone of Mare Nubium (Sea of Clouds). The complete mare is irregular in shape and does not have definite boundary traceable to a typical impact basin. Probably it is an extension of lava flooding that had spread over vast surface including Mare Cognitum, Mare Insularum and perhaps as far as Oceanus Procellarum. (Maria are shown in T001 of Map 1.)

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