Eudoxus 16.30 E 44.30 N

A crater with terraced walls and small irregularties on the floor, 67 km in diameter. It is often described with Aristoteles as a twin.

1. Aristoteles 2. Eudo*us 3. Bürg 20G4.10.03 21:15 UT Age 19 days. 10-lr AB + 2.5X #■ ToUcam, 10frames.

Rimae Theaetetus 6.00E 33.00N

Inconspicuous rilles, length about 50 km. See Image T190.

Valentine Dome (nickname) 10.20E 30.50N

A raised, circular plateau near the southern end of Montes Caucasus. Together with the nearby smaller dome, they are noticeable only at very low Sun angles. Compare Image T135 with T190.

Valentine Dome with protrusions (at least & are prominent) and one rille on its surface. The dome is located at about 10° E 31° N, 30 km in diameter.

2004.09.05 20:46 UT Moon age 21 days. 10-in f/6 Newtonian + 5X + ToUcam at 1/25 sec. Taken in Shatin, Hong Kong under misty sky.

Mare Frigoris, Plato, Mons Pico, W. Bond, Meton, NP Region

Möns Gruitiiuisen Gamma-

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>Teneriffe Monies Recti * i |


>Teneriffe Monies Recti * i |

Anaximander -Anaximenes Carpente^

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