Lambert and wrinkle ridges 2005.11.11 -11:49 UT Moon Age 9.5 days. 10-inch f/6 Newtonian + 2.SX + ToUcam

Lambert 21.00 W 25.80 N (Image T177) A terraced crater, 30 km in diameter. It adjoins the ghost crater Lambert R (55 km) which is almost buried beneath the mare floor. In the southeast of Lambert is a nameless network of wrinkle ridges.

Pytheas 20.60 W 20.50 N A crater with sharp rim, 20 km in diameter.

Gambart 15.20 W 1.00 N (Image T178) A ring-shaped flooded crater, 25 km in diameter. To the south of Gambart are two opposing spiky mountains that cast triangular shadows. A dome (~10 km) is located close to Gambart B and C. The arrow points to another skeptical dome.

Lalande i.

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