RPHS Rapid pulsating hot subdwarf variable stars

- The prototype star for this group of variable stars is EC 14026-2647. It appears to be an sdB star in a binary system that exhibits low-amplitude light variations, presumably as a result of stellar pulsation, with a main period of 144 s and a secondary period near 134 s, making it one of the shortest-period stellar pulsations known. EC 14026-2647 was discovered during the Edinburgh-Cape (EC) Blue Object Survey conducted to search for blue stellar objects. The survey is responsible for detecting many new hot subdwarfs, white dwarfs, cataclysmic variables, apparently normal B stars at high galactic latitudes, blue horizontal branch stars and bright quasi-stellar objects. Several new ZZ Ceti stars were reported along with a new member of the rare AM CVn class of hydrogen-deficient binaries.

Theses stars are now officially classified as very rapidly pulsating hot (subdwarf B) stars (RPHS) within the General Catalog of Variable Stars (IBVS 4870, 31 March 2000), however, because they are relatively new, they have not received much attention from amateur astronomers.

Observation Key

Faint stars a* Small amplitudes ^ Short periods <®> CCD or PEP

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