Vyscl Vy Sculptoris variable stars

- The VY Scl stars, sometimes called anti-dwarf novae, are cataclysmic variables, the light curves of which can be characterized by occasional drops from steady high states into low states lasting up to several hundred days. These low states probably result from episodes of low mass transfer from the companion star, not recognized within the GCVS

The study of the Balmer radial velocity curve of the cataclysmic variable VY Scl has revealed a new value for the orbital period (0?232), which significantly differs from the previously accepted one. It also shows a gamma modulation that is compatible with the presence of a third component, indicating that this object could be a hierarchical triple system. The CV is a low-inclination (i ~ 30°) system with a massive white dwarf. There are two possibilities for the nature of the hypothetical third component: either a = 0.8 solar mass star or a low-luminosity higher mass star (probably a compact object). The value for the period of the third object's orbit would be -5^8, which makes the triple system dynamically stable.

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