Wzsge Wz Sagittae stars

- The WZ Sge subclass of dwarf novae are distinguished from most dwarf novae by their unusually large-amplitude outbursts (6m-9 ) which last much longer

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but recur less frequently than the "normal" outbursts of dwarf novae. It is not, however, clear that the WZ Sge stars are distinct from the SU UMa7 subclass of dwarf novae', not recognized within the GCVS

WZ Sagittae, the prototype star for this class of variable star, is a cataclysmic variable which had outbursts in 1913, 1946, 1978, and 2001. WZ Sge is an eclipsing binary with a period of ~ 82n.'0. In 1969, the star was originally cataloged as a recurrent nova. In 1976, its apparently low luminosity led to a suggestion that it is more closely related to dwarf novae than to other recurrent novae. Observations of the 1978 outburst confirmed its resemblance to dwarf novae.

The item of interest here is the fact that the outburst light curve of WZ Sge is different from those normally observed in dwarf novae.


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