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Other Nations In Space

For example, wants to have its own military television satellite in orbit by 2011, and has invested 200 million in the project. In addition, space undertakings, principally with orbiting satellites, occur within Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, and the Ukraine. More and more countries are exercizing their rights under U.N. space treaties which affirm celestial bodies as the heritage of all humanity No wonder Stephen Pyne, a historian at Arizona State University, sees a correlation between geographic exploration and general cultural vitality. Thus, Tom Harris, a Canadian lecturer, noted that

History of the worlds content

But this mechanical world of position and movement does not satisfy the chemist, who immediately asks after its composition. To complete our picture of the world, we must flesh it out with a substance that is no longer an ether, but as concrete as bread or meat. However, this flesh is no simple thing, for it has been worked by generation after generation of stars, genuine factories for the manufacture of atomic nuclei. In addition, its composition varies from galaxy to galaxy, depending on the vitality or indolence of its stellar population. A galaxy that has transformed much of its gas in stars will be richer in heavy elements than a less active one. Only those elements fashioned in the Big Bang, like hydrogen and helium, are distributed uniformly throughout the whole observable cosmos.

Busy Aroundtheclock Mission

''Dr Marco tells us the flies in space have been more mobile than their control counterparts on the ground at KSC ,'' said Project Scientist Enno Brinckmann, the Biorack team's representative at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. Two hundred and fifty kilometres above his head, on board Columbia, Rick Hieb was inclined to agree, remarking that the flies were ''buzzing around with excellent vitality''. By 18 July, 10 days into the mission, however, the astronauts were reporting that the flies' bull-at-a-gate response to microgravity exposure had tailed off and they were acting more like their terrestrial counterparts.

Nature of Gravitation

This explanation did not satisfy everybody. For example, Fontenelle in France argued in the eighteenth century Pull of gravity and vacuum which Descartes seems to have expelled from physics for ever, have now been brought back by Sir Isaac Newton with new vitality which I could not have believed possible, and in a somewhat disguised form. For similar reasons, Newton's ideas about the nature of light were difficult for Huygens to accept. If light consists of waves, e.g., like sound waves, it is necessary to have a medium penetrating everywhere to propagate it. Newton gave up the concept of a medium he viewed light as particles speeding through space.

Observations Of Radio Pulsars

Abstract Pulsars, rapidly rotating highly magnetized neutron stars, have many exciting applications in physics and astronomy. After nearly 40 years since the original discovery, pulsar research has great vitality, making major contributions to fields ranging from ultra-dense matter physics to relativistic gravity, cosmology and stellar evolution. In the last few years, with a series of successful pulsar search experiments carried using the Parkes 64m radio telescope, we have produced an unprecedented boom of radio pulsar discoveries, including the first ever known double-pulsar. We review the main results achieved recently, with particular emphasis to the discovery of the first double pulsar.

Exploration Methodologies And Instrumentation

What research activities would improve exploration methodology and instrumentation capabilities to enhance the chances of astrobiological discovery The vitality of Mars astrobiology science goals and investigations has not diminished with the delays in a Mars sample-return mission or the initiation of other activities. The ongoing missions (e.g., Mars Odyssey, Mars Express, Mars Exploration Rovers, and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) and the missions in development (Phoenix and Mars Science Laboratory) all are, or will be, returning scientific data that directly address astrobiology goals in substantive ways. Missions that are being planned for the next decade also have strong astrobiology components, and the Mars program is intimately intertwined with astrobiology science objectives. Thus, if astrobiologists are to advance their science goals for the exploration of Mars, they must work with NASA to ensure that the upcoming missions proceed as scheduled and, then, take advantage of the...


Goldberger, gifted physicist, teacher and humanitarian, to commemorate his birthday, Oct. 22. Since his inauguration in 1978 as president of the California Institute of Technology, he has dedicated himself to sustaining the Institute's excellence and to opening new opportunities for women in science. His steadfast support for research on minor planets has enhanced the importance and vitality of the subject as a scientific endeavor. (M 9217)


Karayusuf, M.D., in recognition of his enthusiasm and dedication for the extension of space exploration. With a vitality uncommon since the first days of space exploration, he has encouraged the dreams of man's discovery and adventure in the solar system. He has generously supported near-earth asteroid research projects at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and has spearheaded a World Space Foundation program to investigate the distant regions of the solar system. (M 17221)

After the Election

Kennedy's conversion to an ardent space racer and competitor was not immediate however. In early February he said, We are very concerned that we do not put a man in space in order to gain some additional prestige and have a man take disproportionate risk. . . . Even if we should come in second in putting a man in space, I will be satisfied if when we finally put a man in space his chances of survival are as high as I think they must be. 70 Logsdon explains Kennedy's hesitancy to make any basic changes to Eisenhower's space framework continued until Kennedy became convinced that space achievement was linked closely to the power relationships between East and West, and was a symbolic manifestation of national determination and vitality. When he finally did make that connection, then there was a dramatic reversal of Eisenhower's policy and a decision to go to the moon.71 Perhaps Kennedy's first intense exposure to the space program was a meeting on 22 March 1961 with Johnson and...


The combination of downsizing and regulatory pressure in the early to mid 1990s produced a climate of uncertainty and mistrust of senior management and exacerbated the grumbling about reengineering and the doubts about faster-better-cheaper.84 The results from its technical program, especially in deep-space exploration, promised either to push the lab further into gloom or to restore its optimism and vitality.

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