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Thumbnail Blaster

Thumbnail Blaster is the world's only thumbnail creation app. The great Thumbnail Blaster makes use of new A.I. software to create attractive thumbnails. Over 400 videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. Most viewers, therefore, a scheme through the videos. This means you need to go an extra mile in terms of creativity for your video to stand out. That is why the Thumbnail Blaster is here for you. It is here to cater to your creativity and attraction needs. The program helps save time and money while attracting endless new subscribers and viewers. It utilises Artificial Intelligence to make everything possible. Its cloud computing nature allows you to use it without the need to download anything on your desktop or mobile phone. The application is cloud-based and quite affordable. It is useful in so many ways. For instance, you can increase the number of views and subscribers on your YouTube channel. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

Thumbnail Blaster offers lots of key features that the power users are usually interested in, wrapped up in a friendly and likable interface, at the same time benefiting from great online support & tutorials, which makes Thumbnail Blaster an easy to use program even for the inexperienced users.

This is an amazing piece of software at a bargain price, you can not lose. If you have any information about the cons of this software, please share with us.

AI Video Titan

The product is a great video making tool that shakes the ground of video business. It is an artificial intelligencesoftware that will make you videos with real voiceovers and slow motions graphics that look like they required thousands of dollars and weeks to make. It can work for any laptop type and it is very easy to follow, you do not even need to have any technical skills or experience to run this, the steps themselves are provided with a guide. The software will work great forYouTubers, affiliates,eCommerce, Facebook, and other video profiteers, they will be able to make the same video that cost up to 1000 dollars in a fast effective video making machine, you will be able to get the same quality of the video that required a lot of time and money for very little time and money that is exactly the same. It does not have one of those digital sounds of text-to-speech voices from the laptop, the voiceovers are from a professional Britishvoiceover artist. Moreover, the software has1,500 already built-in templates,11 background images,23 Motion Graphics,9 royalty-free music and many other great customizable options you can use to create an unlimited amount of videos that will generate you thousands of dollars per day. Read more here...

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Contents: Software
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UtubeCash is a product that gives easy to use guides on how to make money from uploading videos to their The YouTube Channel. The users will be taught how to make money from YouTube with a need to have knowledge about marketing or to have a website. In fact, the users will be taught and will be able to make a lot of money from The YouTube even if the users don't have a knowledge of how to film. This is a complete step-by-step course that will take the users through the journey of making money from The YouTube without creating a single film or video. It was created in such a way that it wouldn't be a quick fix for money problems. In other words, the users will need to follow the procedures meticulously before it can work for the users. Yet, the process is so easy that even a little child can fix it up. The guide is such that comes at a cheap price and would help in the reduction of the amount the users might have to pay for learning how to make The YouTube videos. It comes in a video but is accompanied by PDFs.

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Contents: Videos, Pdf
Author: Mike Williams
Official Website:
Price: $1.00

Video Traffic Academy

Video Traffic Academy is a complete online course that shows you the world of YouTube videos, and how you can take advantage of YouTube as a method of delivering your business to the largest audience that you possibly can. James Wedmore is one of the top YouTube marketers in the world, and is now showing you the secrets to making money from your YouTube marketing and bringing in more customers than you ever thought possible. Video viewers are FAR more likely to make a purchase after watching a video about a product, so why not set up the best videos that you can and start making tons of money doing so? YouTube is the 3rd largest site on the entire internet, and gets more than 1 billion visitors per day. What could you do with even 1% of those people watching your videos and buying your products? How much money do you think you could make? Start taking advantage of one of the largest sites on the web today!

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Contents: Online Course
Creator: James Wedmore
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Price: $97.00

Analyzing reducing and reporting your results

Let's suppose that you and a partner have recorded several hours of lunar video from different locations. How do you reduce it Slowly, meticulously, and (on the first pass) independently. You are looking for a mag-5 flash that covers only a few pixels, and which lasts only a few video frames. Played back at normal speed, this flash may be very hard to detect. I have watched videos of the 1999 Leonid flashes, and even after being told in advance where in the image the flash would occur, and at what time, I missed them on the first showing. A casual viewer is not likely to notice these subtle but important flashes Plan on going through your videos several times at normal speed. This can be done visually, with patience and attention. That is the approach that most observers use. If you have the option of playing the record back at a slow speed, your ability to detect the flash should improve.

Educational and Other Software

A number of programs are dedicated to exploring the various worlds of our Solar System. Nine Worlds (Palladium Interactive, 415 464-5500, webstar, http is a tour of the nine planets of the Solar System, highlighted by narration from actor Patrick Stewart (Star Trek's Captain Picard see Figure 14.18). The program includes detailed information about each world, with plenty of images and video clips and a link to a special Web site where users can find out Beyond Planet Earth (Discovery Channel Interactive, 301 986-1999, product_info, http multimedia. mms beyond beyond.html) explores several aspects of the Solar System. The CD-ROM includes hundreds of images, video clips, and other information about the Solar System and what lies beyond. It includes a section on what a human mission to Mars would be like and a series of interviews with space experts, including former astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Kathryn Sullivan. Beyond...

Favourite Sights

Our 'Dark Matter' feature focused on the efforts of astronomers, as opposed to physicists who are trying to capture the elusive particles. Boulby Mine, by the way, has featured on BBC TV's The Sky at Night, Horizon and The One Show. Check it out by typing 'boulby mine dark matter' into - Ed I just love your magazine - the balance is wonderful. I rip the cover off when it arrives and luxuriate in reading it from cover to cover. As a teacher, this has helped me with my astronomy club, astronomy skill for Duke of Edinburgh students and for my A2 Astrophysics module - fantastic value. I love the video clips on the CD too - they've been particularly useful to brighten up a dull lesson.


Webcams are used to record video clips made up of hundreds, or thousands, of individual images, giving them a distinct advantage over a single-shot astronomical CCD cameras. By taking a video sequence, the effects of poor seeing can be overcome by selecting (either manually or automatically) the clearest images in the clip by means of computer software. These images can then be combined using stacking software to produce a highly detailed image this may show as much detail as a visual view through the eyepiece using the same instrument.

Planetarium Software

Advanced users will benefit from information on over 16 million stars from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Guide Star Catalog accessible in the program. It includes hundreds of images and video clips. The program can also remind users of upcoming astronomical events, such as eclipses, and keeps a monthly calendar of Moon phases and other astronomical phenomena. Distant Suns is available for Macintosh and Windows computers and is bundled with the Mars Rover program (see the Mars Rover listing that follows). Windows users can try Expert Astronomer (Expert Software, 305 567-9990, sales, http www. expertsoftware. com) for an inexpensive introduction to astronomy. The planetarium program features over 10,000 stars and other objects. However, its interface and controls are not as good as those of many of the other programs already described. It also features a large collection of images and video clips. The program works in Windows 3.1 and 95.

Video Traffic Guru

Video Traffic Guru

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