Atmospheric Neutrino Production Properties

Production Channels

So-called atmospheric neutrinos are the decay products of unstable particles, such as pions, kaons, muons and charmed particles that are produced in collisions of primary and secondary cosmic rays with atmospheric target nuclei such as N, O, Ar, etc.. In these collisions neutrinos of all flavors and their antiparticles are produced. However, tau neutrino (antineutrino) production via the decays of heavy charmed mesons such as the charmed D- and F-mesons must be considered only at laboratory energies on the order of TeV/nucleon and more. The dominating production process of atmospheric neutrinos and antineutrinos in the sub-GeV to multi-GeV energy range is the 7r —>• // —e decay chain, i.e.,

Table 4.28: Neutrino Reactions in Heavy and Common Water (Bemporad, 1996)


Q- Value MeV


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