IO"7 ± 10.7%

trum of Karmakar et al. (1973) at 122 m a.s.l. had been added to Fig. 2.142 as well as the theoretical differential spectrum of Stephens (1979a).

Very recently Nozaki (2000) carried out precision measurements of the muon component with the BESS97-99 instrument (Balloon-borne Experiment with a Superconducting solenoid Spectrometer) at ground level at Lynn Lake (Canada), located at 360 m a.s.l. (~ 960 gem"2, Pc ~ 0.5 GV) and at Tsukuba, Japan (sea level, Pc ~ 11.5 GV) to study the local differences and geomagnetic effects. The Lynn Lake spectrum is illustrated in Fig. 2.143 and both spectra together in Fig. 3.71 of Chapter 3, Section 3.6.

Table 2.28: Integral Muon Intensity at 600 m a.s.l. (920 gem 2) (De Pascale et al., 1993).

Rigidity [GV]

Integral Intensity [cm 2s 1 sr l]

Negative Muons

Positive Muons

All Muons

> 0.247

0 0

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