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Figure 4.44: Muon range-energy spectrum for shallow depth in standard rock. The curve was computed using the energy loss expression by Sternheimer (1956) plus the term to allow for bremsstrahlung, pair production and nuclear interactions (after Barbouti and Rastin, 1983).

• Barbouti and Rastin (1983) A Appleton et al. (1971)

o Hayman and Wolfendale (1962) x Allkofer et al. (1970)

o, — Diffusion Theory, 7 = 2.68 + Kong et al. (1975)

i ' » "m»_■ ■ ■ I I I I II

Figure 4.45: First muon momentum spectra measured with magnetic spectrographs underground. Shown are three sets of data from measurements at Moscow at a depth of 40 m w.e. by Daion and Potapov (1959a and 1959b), •, x and o, and two theoretical curves by the same authors based on calculations using sea level muon spectra with differential spectral indices of 7 = 2.5 and 3.0, respectively. The second set of data is from work of Murdoch et al. (1960) of the Sydney group who made measurements in a tunnel under 70 hg cm-2 of rock, o, A and □. The curve that connects their points is from a calculation using a surface spectrum at sea level with a differential exponent of 7 = 2.85.

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