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Figure 5.24: Differential energy spectrum of primary hydrogen nuclei (protons) compiled from the data of several experiments as listed below (after Wiebel-Sooth and Biermann, 1998).

o Ivanenko et al. (1987, 1990,1993) □ Zatsepin et al. (1990, 1993) x Asakimori et al. (1991a, b; 1993a, b; 1997a, b), Burnett et al. (1990a, b), Parnell et al. (1989)

+ Barbiellini et al. (1997) A Ryan et al. (1972) V Papini et al. (1993) o Menn et al. (1997) ir Ichimura et al. (1993a, b, c), Kawamura et al. (1989,1990a, b)

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